Ivan's RV-7


Hello! My name is Ivan, and this is my build log for a Van's Aircraft RV-7 project, #75069.

RV-7 is a side-by-side seat airplane from Van's Aircraft. What you buy from them is a "kit", a set of parts in 4 sub-kits (the empennage, the wings, the fuselage, and the finishing kit). Then it is your job to finish the parts, assemble them into an airframe, and complete it with an engine, avionics plus other pieces to get a functional airplane!

The project is in a relatively early stage. The fuselage is done to the stage where I can start installing various systems. The empennage kit is mostly done and mounted to the fuselage. Currently, I am working on the fiberglass fairings for the empennage.

I have a Superior engine that is close to the Lycoming IO-360-M1B. Currently, it is all taken apart and just sits in various boxes.

I have a wing kit, but pretty much all the ribs are laser-cut parts and I need to replace them. Cannot make any meaningful progress on them.

I am building in my garage at this point. This website is to document the process, both for my entertainment and for documentation purposes.