Ivan's RV-7

Drilling and assembling with clecosTimer icon1h

March 14, 2022

Drilling at assembling control surface with clecos.

Today I drilled and assembled the whole "control surface" with clecos (don't mind the background; it is definitely not a rudder from the competing kit provider!). Although per instructions you are supposed to rivet as you go, I want to leave riveting until the last step. Since I am going to prime the next practice kit, I need all parts unattached until the very last step so I can prime all of them together.

Practice kit all drilled and assembled with clecos

Drilling the trailing edge worked better this time. Cleco clamp did not hold it too well, but holding the edge with my hand did help. One hole did turn out a tiny bit elongated, but based on my previous experience, it should work okay.

Hole is slightly elongated

Next is to deburr and to dimple everything. If I was priming, I would prime at this point (but after countersinking the trailing wedge).