Ivan's RV-7

The elevators skins and the skeletonTimer icon4h

June 14, 2022

Today I prepared a couple of pieces for the elevators.

First, I separated the reinforcement plates from a single blank, then deburred them.

The reinforcement plates are separated.

Then I attached the plates to the spars and reamed all the holes.

Drilled to the spars.

After that, I switched back to the skins and the stiffeners. I deburred the remaining stiffeners and clecoed them to the skins.

The stiffeners clecoed to the skins.

Then I drilled the holes and removed the vinyl from the skins.

All stiffener holes drilled.

The skins and the parts are now waiting to be deburred and primed.

The vinyl removed. Parts are awaiting the deburring.