Ivan's RV-7

Mounting the trim servoTimer icon1h

June 23, 2022

Another short session, preparing the trim servo mounts.

Today I prepared the trim servo support brackets.

Per the plans, the left bracket is located 3/8" from the forward edge and 1-3/8" from the inboard edge of the (left) bracket to the outboard edge of the trim cover plate. However, with these dimensions, the servo will not be centered in the channel. I moved the support brackets, and in the end, the distance I got was 1-3/8" from the outboard edge of the right bracket to the inboard edge of the trim cover plate. I don't know if this is due to the change in the servo itself or is it an issue with the plans. However, this issue is well known on VAF, so I was prepared it won't match.

The servo brackets temporarily attached. The servo temporarily fastened to the brackets.

Then I drilled the support brackets to the trim plate. Since these parts are small, I dimpled them before priming (I normally dimple after the priming to make scuffing easier). There are six holes, but I only dimpled the forward four. Based on others' experience, there is very little space above the aft two holes, so instead of dimpling the holes, I counter-sinked the trim plate for the NAS1097 ("oops") rivets, to leave enough space for the shop heads.

The support brackets are ready.