Ivan's RV-7

Riveting the F706 bulkheadTimer icon4h

September 12, 2022

Today I riveted the F706 bulkhead and primed the remaining aft bulkheads.

Not much, used my manual squeezer to install the rivets. Took a bit of an effort to make sure all parts are tight to each other, one rivet I had to remove and re-install with the rivet gun. I think, this was, actually, the first universal rivet I bucked with the gun! So far I was able to squeeze all of them.

There were four #41 holes that were shared between F-706A-L/R and F-706B, which I decided to drill and dimple (so I don't have to dimple two layers later). I made a small logistic mistake here. Two of these four holes are for attaching the nut plates, which I usually attach with NAS1097, so I should not have dimpled them. Now I will have to dimple the nut plates, which is not a big deal (this is how plans tell you to do them anyway).

Riveting F706 together.

F706 riveted.

Also, I primed the remaining aft bulkheads.

Some of the primed parts. More of the primed parts. Two more parts.