Ivan's RV-7

Started deburring aft fuselage partsTimer icon2h

September 29, 2022

Today I started deburring the parts.

First, I finished drilling and trimming the rudder cable fairings.

Rudder cable fairings trimmed.

Then I upsized the holes for the #6 screws, dimpled them, and drilled the holes for the nutplates on the skins.

Holes prepared on the skins.

After that, I started the long process of deburring and cleaning all the parts of the aft fuselage.

Also, I assessed the holes on the skins and the parts. Even though some of them turned out to be elongated a bit, overall, I am happy with the result. The elongated holes are still small enough for the NAS1241 rivets ("half-size oops" rivets).

I realized a logistical mistake: I primed the bulkheads because they were "ready", but after all the fitting, they got scratched and dirty. Not a big deal, I am not going to re-prime them, but I might need to do some spot priming.