Ivan's RV-7

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October 2, 2022

Few minor things on a Sunday.

I got my SteinAir Garmin Remote Unit Template Kit which I used to see which nutplates I need on my right ELT bracket (the plan is to install Artex 345). None of the existing holes matched, so I drilled four new holes for the nutplates. I compared the SteinAir template to the Artex 345 documentation, and it seems like there is a match. Hopefully, this means the unit will fit just fine.

Drilled new holes for the ELT.

Also, I drilled the holes for the cable ties to attach the static lines. Initially, I was considering gluing standoffs but then figured there is no need to complicate that part of the installation. So I drilled the holes according to the plans.

Drilling the holes for the static lines.