Ivan's RV-7

Working on seat ribsTimer icon3h

October 10, 2022

Continued working on the seat ribs.

I bought a very thin saw (0.008" kerf!) to cut off the removable part of the access seat ribs.

Zona ultra-thin razor saw.

Cut off the parts. Very happy with the gap!

The removable part is cut off the rib.

Then I countersinked the rivet holes for the nutplates on the seat ribs. As usual, I plan to use NAS1097 rivets to hold the nutplates.

The seats ribs are complete for now.

The next step is to build a tool for straightening the flanges and flute the ribs. Then I might try to drill the crotch straps to the ribs. I don't have a center section, but maybe the bottom skin and the seat bulkhead will be enough to hold the ribs in place.

Also, I fabricated the spacers. I cut the blanks with the hacksaw, then machined them to size using my milling machine (which is, of course, overkill).

Very precise spacers.