Ivan's RV-7

Finished riveting the center sectionTimer icon2h

November 1, 2022

A few more short sessions and the center section is riveted together!

Not much to add here, the seat and the baggage ribs are riveted to the skin.

Sadly, once I turned the part upside down, I found two long scratches on the skin. Not sure what happened, I had blankets on the tables. Probably, it was a cleco. I scuffed the scratches with the maroon Scotch-Brite, and it smooths the scratches to the point you cannot feel them with a nail. Should be okay.

The view from the bottom. The view from the top.

Not sure what's next. I still don't have the center bulkhead or the longerons, so I cannot continue assembling the fuselage. My wing crating window is in months, so hopefully, I will get the remaining parts soon!

There are some small things to do still (deburr the skins, fasten the brackets for the seatbelts).