Ivan's RV-7

Baggage area framingTimer icon2.5h

March 2, 2023

Since I don't have the parts to make progress on the front, I switched to the baggage area framing.

I started with deburring the baggage ribs.

The baggage area bulkheads.

We all like to talk about how important edge distances are, and then we get this part!

Very small edge distance!

Then I drilled the ribs to the skin. You can see that I am getting yet another edge distance issue.

The rib is drilled.

Yep, the distance is no good!

This edge distance is no good!

Luckily, I have this piece of angle (a stiffener) from the practice kit, and it is the same thickness as the rib itself.

Some angle from the practice kit.

I fabricated a small doubler from it.

The doubler.

Also, the rib flange is not tight to the F-623 rib, so I need some spacer. The good thing is that the doubler can be both a doubler AND a spacer!

The doubler fits well!

The doubler is drilled and it looks good. I'll use two AN426AD3 or AN470AD3 rivets to connect it to the F-724 rib.

The doubler is drilled.

Finally, a hole for the static line.

The static line hole.

I did not drill the F-750 part to the F-722. Three holes that are sized #40 but need to be upsized to #30 for LP4-3 rivets. Since these rivets don't require any dimpling, and the fit is relatively tight in that area, I am going to leave these holes for now. Once I partially rivet the fuselage, I will drill the holes and install the LP4-3 rivets.