Ivan's RV-7

The cowling hingesTimer icon3h

April 1, 2023

The last step between taking everything apart -- cowling hinges.

I got my 1/8" piano hinges, which I drilled to the fuselage.

The cowling hinges are drilled.

To avoid the visible gap between the cowling and the fuselage, you are supposed to shift a bit to the front, so the hinge material is behind the cowling gap. However, due to the edge distance issue, I was not able to do it. Even without moving it at all, I got a very short edge distance on the aft side of the hinge.

So I think I will have a visible gap after all. Another alternative was to buy a wider hinge, however, I was not able to find one that has a 1/8" pin diameter.

Seems like there will be some gap!

After that, I started countersinking various parts. First, the attachment plates for the bottom cowling.

The bottom attach plates are countersunk.

Then some longerons.

#30 holes are countersinked in the longerons.

Finally, this is the point where I will start taking everything apart to prepare for the final assembly!

Taking everything apart.