Ivan's RV-7

New right longeronTimer icon2.5h

April 12, 2023

Today I started redoing the right longeron.

Today I decided to redo the right longeron. It's kind of okay, but when I was countersinking it, I did not lock the cage and as a result, all the countersinks are a bit deeper than I want them. I estimated that instead of +0.007" they are about +0.014" or deeper.

I did some test coupons with oversized countersinks and found that squeezing the rivet will still bring everything tight. However, I figured now is a good time to simply replace the part and not worry about it at all.

I did not take any photos, but it took me about 1.5 hours to bend the new longeron. Experience definitely helps.

After that, I connected the center section to the tail section.

Finally, I started to deburr the forward side skins.

Deburring the skins.

Now the plan is to prime the left longeron, the forward side skins, and the side plates. This is the minimum amount of parts to start putting the fuselage together.

Then I will drill the right longeron. Drilling the front 7 holes for the engine mount is going to be tricky -- need to make sure the holes align with the holes in the skin! I saw some good ideas on VAF on how to do it, so I will try that.