Ivan's RV-7

Three little tasksTimer icon3h

April 22, 2023

Three relatively small tasks over the last few days.

The first big thing was to prime the new right longeron. Did not make any photos, but the process was the same: scuff to clean, then spray with the EkoPoxy.

The next thing was to buck the last (aft) rivet that connects the central floor stiffeners to the cover support ribs. This rivet is close to the structure which makes access a bit more difficult.

The last floor stiffener rivet is kind of hard to reach!

I removed the bolt to get better access.

Removed the bolt for better access.

Then I used my double offset rivet set to buck the rivet. Worked well. That part worked well!

However, putting the bolt back was a major pain. I didn't have any means to turn the nut due to a very narrow gap between the front and the back part of the F-704, so I had to turn the bolt instead. To reduce the damage to the thin cover support rib, I put one of the washers under the bolt.

The rivet is done!

Finally, I drilled two bolt holes (on each side) that attach the reinforcement angle. One of the bolts will be used to attach the fuel tank bracket and another hole I need to countersink and possibly dimple the skin for the screw. I'm thinking to dimple the outer skin (side skins) and to countersink the bottom skin and the lower longeron.

As of now, I put the temporary bolts.

Drilled two holes for the reinforcement angle bolts.

I was planning to start riveting the fuselage, but it turns out I did not order the nozzles for the sealant I have! I ordered them now, but they will take a few days to arrive. So I will have to wait a bit.