Ivan's RV-7

Worked on the flaps actuatorTimer icon3h

July 23, 2023

A bit more work on the flaps assembly.

First, I installed all the nutplates in the central tunnel (which took quite a bit of time as I manually countersunk the holes for the NA1097AD3 rivets).

The nutplates are installed in the central tunnel.

Then I drilled the holes in the bracket that attaches the flaps actuator channel to the cross member of F-705.

To better align the channel, I put the flap covers. Initially, I only put one side and marked the holes, but after clecoing the second cover I found that the holes would not be aligned when both covers are in place.

The markings are offset!

I use the RV Max Flap Actuator from PH Aviation Services which required some modifications to the flap channel. The modification was to make the F-767 attach plate longer so it acts as a spacer under the angles that the actuator attaches to. The angles are from the retrofit kit.

The flaps mechanism.

With both covers installed.

The flaps mechanism covered.

I tested the assembly, and it seems to work fine. There is one suspect place where wires might be getting too close to the nutplate on the F-785A backrest brace, but I will see later once I make that brace. The one I had I ruined because I put it too low -- the drawing says to place it 1/8" higher than the vertex of F-785B.

Then I went back to the F-680 block attachment where I did not install the nutplates. I installed the aft nutplate without any issues. However, the forward nutplate did not align well with the floor panels.

The nutplate doesn't fit! Neither in this direction!

In the end, I decided not to install the forward nutplate (I guess, the alternative would be to use a Click Bond nutplate).