Ivan's RV-7

Soldering FlyLeds landing lights and the controllerTimer icon3h

September 19, 2023

The next step in FlyLeds was to solder the wing tip lights.

First, I cut the wingtip lens stock into two pieces. It's a very soft plastic, so I used tin snips to cut it in half. Worked very well.

Cut the wingtip lens stock into two sides.

I sanded the boards so they fit the wingtips. Given how easily the belt sender trims them, I decided not to trim them to the final size (this would require fitting lenses as well).

Then I moved to soldering. I wasn't happy with my old Aoyue 936 soldering station. It was only 35W and that didn't work well for large components. So I bought a new one, Quecoo T12.

Got a new soldering station!

This station is a beast! Heats extremely fast (less than 10 seconds), it has more power (70W), and on top of that, it is quite small, too.

Here are the boards that I soldered. They are the "The Original" FlyLeds kit.

Wing boards.

Three hours later, and here is the result.

Wing boards soldered.