Ivan's RV-7

Riveting the flapsTimer icon6h

April 25, 2024

Riveting the flaps.

Did not take too many pictures. The process was pretty straightforward. First, I clecoed the skins and the ribs together, then riveted the seam between the two skins. Then I riveted the ribs to the skins.

Flap clecoed together.

Riveting in progress. The plans say to use LP-4-3 rivets here, but I didn't see any reason not to use solid rivets instead.

Riveting the flap.

To reach the rivets nested in the angle, I turned a simple bushing tool from a piece of aluminum.

A tool for installing pulled rivets.

The plans say to use MK-319-BS rivets in the aft three positions on the bracket side, but I was able to rivet two of these with my long bucking bar.

The long bucking bar.

Also, I used MK-319-BS rivet in the position next to the nutplate as the nutplate makes it hard to reach the rivet with the bucking bar.

MK-319-BS rivets.

The end result.

The flap is fully riveted.

Then I simply repeated the whole process for the second flap. Did not take any pictures, but here is the final result.

Both flaps are now complete.