Ivan's RV-7

Building a paint boothTimer icon2h

May 8, 2022

Since I will need to prime all of the parts, I built a paint booth.

The construction is simply a skeleton from 1-1/4" PVC pipes with some clear plastic on top of it. I used these instructions to build it.

This is how it started, all the components.

Parts for the paint booth: 9 1-1/4" PVC pipes, 6 right angles and 13 tees.

Then after about one hour, everything is assembled.

Paint booth skeleton

Next thing is to cover everything with a plastic sheet. Since I am now working on a very few parts and the primer I chose is less toxic, I am going to try it without the exhaust fan. Also, I am not trying to seal every single hole.

The paint booth was complete, and I exercised spraying latex paint diluted to a 25 seconds viscosity test (as it was recommended somewhere).

Paint booth ready for business!

I also tried my primer pistol, but I did not get good results from it. There is a piece of advice on Van's Air Force website on how to fix it, but I did not get great results just yet. Initially, I was not able to get any spray at all. After some tinkering, I can get it to spray at 60 PSI, but this pressure is a bit too much.

The next step is to finally prime it!

All chemicals are ready for priming!