Ivan's RV-7

Continuing the rudder buildTimer icon3h

June 6, 2022

So I got okayed on my plan to upsize rivets to #30.

The answer was that upsizing is okay, but I should not expect to get away with that type of work in the future. I'll try to remember that lesson. So I drilled the whole row to #30, removed the clecoes, and...

The whole row is upsized to #30.

...all the holes look good! They are round, and the edge distances are good also.

Holes in the rudder horn look good. Holes in the bottom rib are also good. Holes in the skins are fine as well.

Then I moved to the counterbalance weight. I drilled the hole for the screw (using a #12 drill bit), then dimpled the counterbalance rib and counter-sunk the lead weight. I used a manual deburring tool with the countersinking bit installed. The lead is so soft that a couple of turns is all you need. I counter-sunk until the weight sits flat to the rib.

I will use a fuel tank sealant ("Pro-Seal") to attach the lead to the rib.

Counterbalance countersinked.

Then I dimpled the skins since I had primed them already.

The skins are fully dimpled.

Also, while I had some time, I started deburring the elevators stiffeners on my Scotch-Brite wheel. There is something aesthetically pleasing about turning all those ugly edges into nice, smooth ones.

-H stiffeners are smoothed.