Ivan's RV-7

Riveting the right elevatorTimer icon3h

June 28, 2022

Today I riveted the right elevator understructure

As a first step, I assembled the component that holds the trim servo in the left elevator.

The trim servo assembly.

Note the smaller heads for the NAS1097 rivets. I could have counter-sinked the trim cover plate for the normal AN426AD3 rivet, but it would have left me with the knife-edge hole.

The view from the bottom.

The clearance on the aft two rivets is really tight!

Very little clearance!

Then I proceeded with the assembly of the understructure. First, I riveted the spar and the ribs together. You can see that I forgot to dimple the holes. This is not a big deal as they could be dimpled later (although, it is more convenient to dimple when everything is apart!).

I had to resort to my flat dimpling bucking bar to dimple the trailing holes on the ribs. I tried to use close quarter dimple dies, but they did not produce good dimples. Maybe, the nails I use are too small and this does not allow dies to properly center in the hole. #30 dies worked much better.

Assembled the understructure.

Then I riveted the counterbalance skin and the skin together with four rivets. This allows using the solid rivets, as otherwise, you have to use blind rivets as there will be no access to the inside part.

Riveted the skin and the counterbalance skin together.

Finally, I clecoed the skins to the understructure to make sure everything aligns well. At this point, I've remembered that I am supposed to put some amount of tank sealant on the stiffeners to tie them together. Good thing I haven't started riveting yet!

Clecoed the skin on the understructure.