Ivan's RV-7

Priming the right elevator understructure partsTimer icon2.5h

June 27, 2022

Today I primed the parts for the right elevator.

Same as usual. First, cleaned the parts with the EkoClean.

Parts are washed with EkoClean.

Then scuffed with EkoEtch and primed with EkoPoxy.

Ribs, spar and counter-balance skin are primed. Various small parts are primed.

I also primed a small strip on the leading edge of the rudder (the part of the edge which goes under the edge from the other side).

A small part of the rudder leading edge is primed.

Also, since Van's Builder Support did not approve my idea of using NAS1097 rivets, I counter-sinked the spar for the AN426AD3 rivets.