Ivan's RV-7

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September 4, 2022

Today was a short session to fabricate the F-710B angle.

Not much to say, I cut the angle and worked it with the belt sender and the file to fit into the F-710A bulkhead.

F-710B angle drilled to the F-710A. View from the other side.

According to VAF, this is an area where a lot of builders get edge distance issues when fitting the horizontal stabilizer. If you cut this angle too short, you won't have enough distance from the hole drilled for the bolt holding the horizontal stabilizer. The hole should be centered on the longeron and if the angle does not sit tight to the longeron, you won't have enough of the distance.

I took a short piece of the AA6-125X3/4X3/4 angle to simulate the longeron and looked if my fit is going to be good enough.

Since the hole needs to be centered on the 5/8" of the longeron (3/4" width minus 1/8" thickness), the edge distance on the longeron is going to be 5/16", which is ~0.312". This is the best you can get on the F-710B as well. I estimated that I will be getting around ~0.300". Assuming a 1.5D edge distance rule, for an AN3 bolt, I need more than 0.281".

This is what my fit looks like. It is not the most I can get but looks okay.

Estimated fit to the longerons.