Ivan's RV-7

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September 25, 2022

Today I did a few smaller tasks.

First, I drilled the holes for the two additional stiffeners in the tailcone area ( Service Letter 00014).

Interestingly, my paper plans were an older version without these stiffeners. However, my kit did include the parts needed to comply with the service letter.

Positioning the stiffener. Stiffeners in place.

Then I worked a bit on the cover plates and the corresponding locations for the nut plates.

I drilled and dimpled the cover plates.

Cover plates.

Then drilled, dimpled, and countersunk the skins (the countersinks are for the NAS1097 "oops" rivets).

The skins are prepared for the nutplates.

Finally, I worked a bit on the elevator pushrod (just because). I used the rivet fan and the painter's tape to place the holes. I put the centers of the 1st and the 9th holes against the edges of the tape (which gave me 8 holes total), then moved the rivet fan a bit and marked the holes on the tape. Then I measured .250" from the edge of the tape.

Marking the tape for the holes.

Put the tape on the tube.

Tape is on the tube.

Finally, drilled the holes with the #41 drill bit first, then the #31 drill bit, then the #30 reamer (for a MSP-42 pull rivet).

Elevator pushrod drilled.