Ivan's RV-7

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September 26, 2022

Few more tiny tasks while I am waiting for more clecos.

The second elevator pushrod.

The second elevator pushrod.

Both pushrods together.

Both pushrods.

I also made a rudder stop bracket. I might need to redo it later at some point: according to other builders, it seems like the one I made per the plans might be too small. Also, I haven't drilled the holes in the skins yet, but I have a suspicion I might get edge distance issues with at least one of the flanges (the one on the aft part of the F-712 bulkhead). I used my mill to position the holes on the stops, so they should be very accurate to the plans.

Rudder stop bracket.

Finally, I cut the two top J-channels. I haven't cut them to the specified length yet: I want to cleco the top skins to see how long I need to cut the channels.

The top J-channels.