Ivan's RV-7

Fluting the F-715 seat ribs and disassemblyTimer icon2h

October 16, 2022

Today I fluted F-715 seat ribs and disassembled the center section.

A short session today. First, I fluted the F-715 seat ribs. I put the clecoes into the skin to use them as a guide, then fluted the rib until it runs along the line of the clecoes. Since the centerline should be more or less parallel to the edge, it should follow the line of the holes as well. I used the sharpie to mark the location of the holes on the rib flange so I know where to flute it.

Fluting the F-715 seat ribs.

After that, I started disassembling the center section. It is mostly okay, however, I found two issues. One of the holes through the center bar is definitely elongated, and I would need NAS1242 to repair it. Should be okay as there is enough edge distance there.

Another problem I found is that both F-725 baggage ribs are completely ruined. A lot of elongated holes. Luckily, the skin holes look fine, so new baggage ribs should fix that issue. Not sure what happened. Since these are the two outermost ribs, I think, I did not bend the front flange enough and there were some forces pushing the rib out of alignment. I was extra careful with the seat ribs because they require fluting but probably was too complacent with the baggage ribs (as they are very straight).

The holes are still under 7/64", so technically NAS1241 would fit there, but there are too many of them (maybe, one-quarter of all the holes or more).

Quite disappointing, but recoverable. Ordered new parts.