Ivan's RV-7

Riveting the seat backs and pushrodsTimer icon3h

November 9, 2022

Today I riveted the control pushrods and the seat backs.

The first thing I did was to assemble the pushrods. The manual recommends priming the inside of the pushrods to protect against corrosion. However, I decided to use a different method. For the primer to stick, the tubes need to be cleaned relatively well, which would be difficult to do. Instead, I used Boeshield T-9, which I put inside the tubes and sloshed around until the whole tube was covered with it internally.

Corrosion protection for the pushrods.

Then I riveted the ends using the MSP-42 blind rivets.

Assembled the pushrods.

Assembled the elevator bellcrank. Nothing special, a regular job for a manual squeezer.

Elevator bellcrank assembly.

And, finally, I went for the seat backs. Again, nothing special. I installed most of the rivets using the manual squeezer and the remaining rivets using the rivet gun.

I put the shop heads on the front side of the seat. For one thing, they will be hidden behind the seat. Another reason was to put the manufactured head on the side with the thinner material. However, later I realized that two horizontal rows of the rivets (one for the top angle and another for the hinge that attaches the brace) have thinner material on the front side. I still put the rivets in these holes from the aft, just for consistency.

The front of the seat back. The back side. The seat back brace.

And this is that. Not sure what's next. My wing crating date is Nov, 28th to December 19th, so hopefully, will get my wing kit soon.