Ivan's RV-7

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December 19, 2022

Finally, got my wing kit!

The wing kit consists of two crates, one with the skins and the majority of the parts, and the other one with long parts (wing spars, longerons).

The crates:

The crate. The long crate.

While I was looking at the crates, I got an e-mail from Van's asking me to confirm I received the notification about the quality issues they had with some parts (aileron nose ribs). Due to missed heat treatment step, these parts cracked during forming. I looked at the parts I got, and turned out they were from the "good" batch (the bad batch is from August/September of 2022, and my parts are from September 2021). The parts looked good, too.

The aileron nose ribs.

I did some unpacking, moving parts to the shelf. I still need to figure out where to store long parts, the wing spars, and the leading edge skins.

Starting the unpacking. Some of the parts. The ribs on the shelf.

Also, took a quick look at the anodized central section/wing spar parts. They look nice!

The wing spar and the central section.

Now, what's next? I definitely want to finish the central section of the fuselage, but what after that? Switch to building the wing? Or continue with the fuselage?