Ivan's RV-7

Working on an aileron trimTimer icon3h

January 29, 2023

Worked on an electric aileron trim today.

First, I worked on a pivot block. Drilled the holes and machined the notch using the ball endmill. I am using a drill chuck for holding the endmill which is a big no-no. However, since plastic is very soft and side forces are very light, it works fine.

Machining the notch in the block. The notch machined.

Then I used my router bit to round the edge so it fits into the bracket. It fits well!

The rounded edge fits well!

Set the part in the mill for the drilling operation.

The drilling setup.

Then for the shortening operation. I used my slitting saw to shorten the weldment.

The setup for shortening.

I put the parts together and installed the cotter pin.

The weldment installed into the block. Parts on the bracket.

Finally, I drilled the holes for the nutplates in the crotch strap brackets so I can prime them together with the parts for the aileron trim.

Drilled the holes in the nutplates.