Ivan's RV-7

The left external step and the floor stiffenersTimer icon1.5h

March 19, 2023

Back from the vacation, and back to building!

Resolving some "debt" today. First, I drilled the plastic block for the left external step. This was the third plastic block! This time, I was careful to hold it tight in the vise, so everything went well.

Drilled the left external step block.

The next thing was to drill the outboard floor stiffeners. These were also extra parts as I did not like how the holes aligned on the first attempt: there was nothing to clamp the angles to, so I asked a helper to hold them tight while I drilled them. However, it was not enough, they moved, and the holes were not completely centered.

This time instead of drilling I only rotated the drill bit by hand to mark the location of the hole, then center-punched it and drilled on the table. This worked.

The outboard floor stiffeners.