Ivan's RV-7

Unexpected crack in the rudder fairingTimer icon2h

September 26, 2023

I was sanding the top rudder fairing when I heard this fiberglass cracking noise!

I looked at the part and saw a crack in the middle of the fairing, along the "split" line.

I used the Dremel with a cutoff wheel to open the seam fully (only the length that cracked), then sanded the top to make the halves have the "scarf". Then I covered the hole with two layers of the fiberglass cloth. I also put some epoxy flox from the inside of the seam. I did not put any cloth inside as I wasn't sure that I could sand it well enough for the cloth to stick.

After that, I moved on to the vertical stabilizer fairing. Since it will house the beacon, I wanted it to be removable. I used the ClickBond nutplates to attach the fairing to the skin. I was too lazy to drill the holes for the nutplates, especially given that I don't have the jig to drill for the K1000-06 nutplates.

I love them, they are so easy to install. The price, though... a different story. $5 a piece!