Ivan's RV-7

Finishing the vertical fairingsTimer icon2h

January 6, 2024

Okay, back to building!

I kind of took a break from building. It started with my work-related trip, and then I got into 3D printing. Time to get back to building the airplane, though.

The situation with the LCP parts is still not fully resolved, so I continued working on the fairings.

After repairing the crack in the top fairing of the rudder, I finished both the vertical stabilizer fairing and the top rudder fairing with the System Three Clear Coat epoxy. It flows really well and seals the surface.

Finally, I sprayed the fairings with the regular coat of Stewart Systems EkoPoxy. The finish is okay, but not perfect. It's only a temporary coating that will protect the fiberglass from UV light. I will probably sand it off when I am painting the airplane.

Vertical fairings primed

P.S. While being on the break, I've built a clone of an MSX computer. We had one of these at my elementary school.

Clone of a MSX computer with a game cartridge inserted.