Ivan's RV-7

Finishing the access panelsTimer icon2h

February 21, 2024

After another long break, did a bit of work on access panels.

I decided to finish the access panels work I started a while ago (since my Proseal was reaching the expiration date). The final step was to rivet the access panel doublers to the skins.

First, I riveted the nutplates to the doublers.

Nutplates are riveted to the doublers

Then I scuffed and cleaned the skin and the doublers and put a bead of Proseal around the perimeter. The Proseal is to seal the access panels so that water doesn't get into the airplane.

Proseal applied to the skin and the doublers.

Then I put doublers against the skins and back-riveted them in place, all while the Proseal was still wet. I could have waited for the Proseal to cure, but I also wanted to use it to create a "gasket" for the covers themselves.

To make the gaskets, I put a bead of Proseal around the perimeter of the doublers, covered them with plastic wrap, then put covers on top.

Riveted the doubler and screwed the covers.

It was kind of messy, will see how well it works when I remove the plastic wrap. I cleaned the excess Proseal with acetone. The day later the Proseal is still curing, not sure why. It's probably a bit too cold in the garage (probably, around 60F). The rumor is it takes Proseal to cure 2x longer for every 10F degrees. Will see.