Ivan's RV-7

Starting work on the wingsTimer icon2h

February 27, 2024

Today, after a long procrastination, I started working on the wings.

I kind of avoided doing the wings using my LCP parts as an excuse. The truth is, the first set of tasks looked too intimidating! Well, I finally decided to start, and it isn't that bad. The first step is to install the nutplates for the fuel tanks and the access panels. The countersinks for the fuel tank skins are quite big, so there is a risk of chatter.

The procedure Vans' manual suggests is to install the nutplates first and then use them as a guide for the countersink bit. I also have the RV-14 manual, and it is a bit more detailed, specifying the target countersink diameter (0.370").

I tried the procedure on a scrap bit of aluminum, and it worked just fine. The countersink gets a knife edge, simply because of the thickness of the material, but it is expected.

Here is the first countersink on the real part:

The first countersink on the real part!

I did not take a lot of photos, so the only other one I have is after I turned the wing spar. The top flange (which is against the table) is now fully complete. I installed the nutplates on the bottom flange, but haven't countersunk them yet.