Ivan's RV-7

Finishing the countersinks on the wing sparsTimer icon4h

February 29, 2024

Yesterday and today I continued working on the countersinks on the wing spars.

Same procedure: countersink holes for the rivets, install nutplates, countersink the spar flanges for the fuel tank, and access panel dimples.

No drama, everything went very smoothly. I did not get any chatter at all despite the size of the countersinks and relatively poor support for the pilot. I think it's because I ran the electric drill at a relatively slow speed and I applied some pressure to the drill itself. In machining, if you get chatter, the general advice is "reduce speed, increase feed", which, I think, is what played the role here as well.

Work in progress.

In the end, I spot-primed the countersinks after cleaning them with alcohol. It's not as neat as it should be, but it's okay.

Finished the countersinks and spot primed.