Ivan's RV-7

Started working on flapsTimer icon5h

April 16, 2024

After going through my wing inventory, I realized that none of the flap parts are affected by LCP, so I started working on them.

See -- all parts are covered in blue plastic! No LCP parts!

No LCP parts.

The first half of the work was simply to remove the blue plastic from the parts and then deburr everything. The end result is this skeleton (I did both sides at the same time).

Skeleton clecoed together.

After that, I match-drilled the skins to the ribs and the spar. Everything except the holes that will hold the piano hinge.

Then I fabricated the F-706A angles. Relatively straightforward parts. As per tradition, I used my mill to lay out and drill the holes in them.

Fabricated angle.

Reenactment of bending the doubler (since I forgot to take the photo of the actual process).

Bending the doubler.

Finally, after drilling all the holes on the doubler and the angle, I upsized the hole for the rod end bearing.

Drilling the bolt hole.

A random bolt in the hole.

The bolt in the hole.