Ivan's RV-7

Continuing working on the flapsTimer icon4h

April 17, 2024

More work was done on the flaps.

The last operation on the right flap parts was to drill the hinge. To help me with that, I designed a simple 3D-printed part that allows me to draw a line 1/4" from the edge of the hinge.

A tool to draw a centerline.

Then I clamped the hinge using the clamps and aligned it such that the line was in the middle of the holes.

Hinge clamped.

Aligning the hinge

After that, I drilled every third hole and put a cleco in them.

Drilled the hinge.

The final operation was to countersink the spar. The plans call for a +0.007" countersink on the spar (7 thou deeper than a flush countersink), so skin can nest into it. I used a rivet to estimate the result.

Countersunk holes.

Finally, the right flap parts are ready for deburring.

The right flaps parts.

After that, I followed the same process, but for the left flap.

First, I bent the F-706B doubler in the vise. I just eyeballed the angle.

Bending the left flaps doubler.

It was a perfect fit!

The bend is perfect!

Then I match-drilled all the holes, drilled the hinge, and countersunk the spar.

Countersinking complete for the left flap.

The last step was to upsize the hole on the doubler and the end rib for the bolt. Here is me using the wiggler ball tool to locate the spindle over the existing hole.

Aligning the spindle to the hole.