Ivan's RV-7

Fitting the other skinTimer icon2h

February 13, 2023

The same bend as yesterday, but for the right skin.

The same process as yesterday: bending the aft lower part of the side skins. This is the first part of the process, with the wooden block.

Bending the right skin.

I don't see any cracking!

Also, no cracking!

Then I fluted and clecoed the armrests. I did not drill them as I want to drill them together with the F-704K part, and it was too late to deburr them. Or maybe I'll just leave these two holes until much later.

The armrest clecoed.

Finally, I put clamps to hold the right longeron in place. I only have 12 small clamps, and I used 10 of them, so I think I will do one longeron at a time.

The right skin is clecoed.