Ivan's RV-7

Drilling the longeronsTimer icon3h

February 14, 2023

Today I drilled the longerons to the fuselage.

A lot of drilling! Nothing too complicated, drill a couple of holes, put a cleco, and move to the next ones.

Several holes would match a hole in a bulkhead flange. Since these flanges would flex a lot, and an alignment of the holes is not guaranteed, I used a shim to make the drill stop before it gets to the flange. I would drill until I feel that drill hits the shim.

Using shim to avoid damaging the hole.

Here is an example of the flange not aligning with the hole being drilled (putting a cleco in that hole aligned the flange just fine).

Hole mismatch due to bulkhead flexing.

Both longerons are drilled (up to the F-704).

The right longeron is drilled. The left longeron is drilled.

And this is me. Working by myself, there is nobody to snap a photo of me!

That's me!

Since the fit between the F-773 aft left skin and the F-770 forward left skin was questionable in the topmost hole (there was a slight mismatch in the hole), I tried to put the top skin to see if it will fit. It fit just fine, without much persuasion.

The top skin seems to fit.